When You Need to Define Patent Troll, Look to the Top Legal Minds

In today’s rapidly-moving business world, it can be difficult for even the most experienced and skilled professionals to keep up with the evolving terminologies. A good illustration is when a business leader is asked to define “patent troll”. It is a term that is frequently used in markets around the globe, yet the complexities and changes in the practices and the law have made defining “patent troll” an increasingly tricky proposition.

That’s why, when people finds themselves or their businesses in the crosshairs of a patent troll, contacting the first-rate copyright attorney team at ADLI Law Group, P.C. is always the best first move to make. At ADLI Law firm, we’re happy to explain patent trolling in easy-to-understand terms.

Simply put, patent trolls are persons or companies that do not practice the patents themselves, but acquire patents from others and then turn around and enforce the patents against alleged infringers. Many businesses find this practice objectionable as being overly aggressive and opportunistic. Often, these trolls have no intention to manufacture or market a product of their own, but instead are banking on making money off of lawsuits at the expense of genuine innovators and legitimate professionals.

Dr. Dariush Adli, the founder and President of our firm, has given seminars and lectures around the world on how to fend off an attack from patent trolls. In fact, prior to founding his firm, Dr. Adli served as Head of the Patent Group at a large international law firm in Los Angeles. Today, Dr. Adli brings his expertise to a litigation attorney team of unparalleled ability and a truly global scope. With offices in London, Tokyo, Taipei and L.A., we bring a broad legal perspective to every client.