When You Need an International Tax Litigation Attorney

When you grow your business to work on a global scale, you are justifiably proud of your hard work. However, once you’ve founded a branch overseas, or begun to trade with other countries, there is more hard work ahead of you. ADLI Law Group P.C. wants you to focus on the creative work of growing your enterprise, which is why we specialize in patent and trademark laws, along with international tax litigation. We can help your business comply with all local and global regulations around trade, patents, copyright, and taxes.

According to Dr. Darius Adli, a world-renowned expert in copyright and patent laws, it is important to get the right legal help to examine each aspect of your business’s compliance. One of the most complicated aspects of growing a company to work globally regards differences in tax laws. You might understand local tax laws in the U.S., but do you understand how to work as a business with a branch in Canada? Or China? ADLI Law Group has several international tax lawyers in Los Angeles, as well as Tokyo, Taipei, London, and Dallas. With so many international branches, ADLI Law Group understands your business’s needs on many levels.

For global experts in tax and patent law, contact ADLI Law Group. A litigation attorney at our firm has the understanding of global trends and international regulations to help your business avoid unexpected penalties, or legal claims involving employees. When you expand your business to an international level, tax disputes can arise, but ADLI Law Group is here to help.