What is a Copyright?

While patents are meant to protect the unauthorized use of inventions and designs, copyrights are intended to protect words, music, images and other forms of creative expression. Under copyright law, a creator has the right to control the use, reproduction, distribution and display of their creation.

Copyright law provides these nationwide rights so that an individual can feel a sense of ownership regarding their works and creations.

What does a copyright protect?

In addition to words, music and images, copyright law protects architectural designs, computer software, films and other specified works.

Copyright law does not protect ideas, procedures, discoveries or devices “as distinguished from a description, explanation or illustration.”

To know whether your creation is suitable for copyright, you can seek the expertise of a nationwide copyright law attorney. A nationwide copyright law attorney can tell you whether your creation may be protected.

How do I obtain a copyright?

Technically, a copyright is granted automatically from the moment something is created. But there are legal advantages to registering a copyright with the United States Copyright Office. This gives you better protection of your creation, as it maintains a nationwide public record of your copyrighted work. Furthermore, infringement suits may be filed once a copyright is registered.

To apply for a copyright, you can use the online system of the U.S. Copyright Office, or you can apply with the help of a nationwide copyright law attorney.

Granting Rights—Or Copyright Licenses—To Your Creation

In order to grant someone the exclusive use of your creation for commercial or other purposes, copyright law requires that an assignment or license be preserved in writing, and signed by the copyright owner. This document must identify the creation and specify the rights to be given.

How long do copyrights last?

A copyright will last throughout the entire lifetime of the creator, and will not expire until 70 years after the creator’s death. If a creation has multiple creators, it will last from the date of its creation until 70 years after the death of the last remaining creator.

Where can I get help copyrighting my creation?

If you need answers or advice regarding copyright law, you can contact a nationwide copyright law attorney. A nationwide copyright law attorney can assist you anywhere in the United States. An attorney can help you apply, secure your rights and protect your creation from infringement.

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