Vincent Shang


Vincent Shang is the Head of International Practice – East Asia

Mr. Shang’s practice focuses on business and commercial dispute resolution that involved intellectual property, entertainment, real estate, and energy. Mr. Shang started his international career working for or with international conglomerates such as Hon Hai, i.e., FoxConn Technology Group; Xiaomi Corporation; Sharp Electronics; KPMG; Newtech Industrial Group Pty. Ltd; Rodeo Cold; and Chinese Petroleum Companies as well as their governments and officials. Mr. Shang’s international focus began after Loyola Law School, Los Angeles, sent him to compete in the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot Court in Hong Kong in 2007.

Mr. Shang first represented insurance and other American companies on a range of matters including general and professional liability, real estate, corporate criminal defense, and business and commercial litigation in the United States. He also represents individuals involving civil rights and criminal matters.

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