Trust ADLI Law Group, P.C. to Handle your Patent Concerns

In the modern business marketplace, the need for a highly skilled litigation attorney with experience in any of the intellectual property fields, including patent, trademark, copyright and trade secrets is greater than ever. That’s why it should come as no surprise that so many business professionals have come to rely on the team at ADLI Law Group, P.C. Led by the reknowned Dr. Dariush Adli. At our firm, you’ll find copyright lawyer Los Angeles professionals have come to trust to provide truly effective counsel in a variety of modern business issues.

With the rise of new media in recent years, we’ve seen a substantial increase in the number of patents being sought by inventors and business innovators. However, at the same time, we’ve seen a significant uptick in the number of legal issues regarding nefarious patent trolling.

All too often, attempts to define patent troll become confused by complex legal jargon, but at ADLI Law Group, P.C., we pride ourselves on an ability to communicate simply, clearly and effectively. That’s why we will simply explain that patent trolls are those persons or individuals that enforce their patents against alleged infringement in a manner that is unnecessarily aggressive or opportunistic.

For large firms, patent trolls can severely impact the bottom line, and worse still, for small companies, the financial strain of a patent suit can be utterly devastating. That’s why it provides great comfort to learn that Dr. Adli and his team are equally effective at defending multinational Fortune 500 companies, young start-ups, and nearly any other business in search of impeccable legal counsel.