Trademark Litigation from Adli Law Group, P.C. is Wholly Impressive

In today’s modern business world, a litigation attorney should be able to handle a variety of complex issues that face businesses, big and small, around the globe. That’s why so many entrepreneurs, artists, inventors and other businesses have come to trust the team at ADLI Law Group, P.C. to provide truly world class legal expertise. Our firm specializes in the areas of business and intellectual property, including patent, trademark, copyright acquisition, business contracts and litigation, and we’re fully dedicated to implementing innovative approaches and building long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Led by the reknowned Dr. Dariush ADLI, PhD., Esq., our trademark litigation is fully equipped to provide advice to its clients concerning legal strategies and solutions to legal issues concerning patents, trademarks, copyrights, contracts and beyond. Our services have been successfully utilized by numerous Fortune 500 companies and other large, influential firms, as well as a wide-range of mid-sized and startup companies. We understand that, at times, professionals at various stages of their career might require a patent lawyer, and when they do, they know that there is no team that is more knowledgeable or committed to their success than that at ADLI Law Group, P.C.

More than ever, trademark, IP, copyright and patent law is a global concern, which is why we’ve grown our firm beyond our headquarters in Los Angeles. In fact, we’ve expanded into global business capitals like London, Tokyo and Taipei, and our professionals possess experience working with overseas clients that are well versed in various languages and cultures, ensuring effective, efficient communication, no matter where our work leads us.