The Top Hi-Tech Patent Attorney in Los Angeles is Dr. Dariush Adli

When in need of a top-notch hi-tech patent attorney, Los Angeles-based business professionals know there is no better option than ADLI Law Group, P.C. Since our inception, we’ve specialized in the practice of patent, trademark, copyright acquisition, business and litigation. However, it is perhaps our legal acumen in High Technology and other science-based patents and intellectual property that truly set us apart from the competition. That’s because our founder and president Dr. Dariush Adli is not only a top copyright attorney, but he also brings a distinguished career in science and engineering to our clients.

Before embarking on a career in law, Dr. Adli was a lead scientist at Duke Electric Power Company in Boston, Massachusetts, where he was a member of a research and development team working on system development and design. Dr. Adli has authored and co-authored a numerous scientific articles that were subsequently published in national scientific journals and went on to win prestigious national awards.

Dr. Adli was a Head of the Patent prosecution in the electrical and mechanical arts at a large international law firm based in Los Angeles. With such distinguished record of success, is it any wonder that many national and international businesses seeks Dr. Adli’s counsel in electrical, mechanical, chemical, biotech, medical, and dietary supplement patents?

At ADLI Law Group, P.C., our business, patent, IP and litigation attorney team can help your firm to comply with FDA rules – whether you’re part of a small start-up firm or a Fortune 500 company. With offices in Los Angeles, London, Tokyo and Taipei, we’re a truly global firm that offers world-class legal counsel.