The Legal Expertise at ADLI Law Includes Construction Law

At ADLI Law Group, our highly knowledgeable and experienced legal team is well versed in many areas of the law, including business law, patent, trademark, copyright acquisition and much more. We’re the “go to” firm that businesses and corporations trust when their executives need a quality trademark lawyer in Los Angeles who can get the job done. Though our team is highly trained in legal matters such as these, and a popular choice, our legal expertise isn’t limited to these subjects. For anyone in need of a first-rate construction lawyer in Los Angeles, ADLI Law Group is also the firm savvy businesses turn to first.

Our team of legal experts understands the intricate ins and outs and complexities of construction law. We understand that, when it comes time to get your next project off the ground, the last thing you expect is for the project to be held up in court or to have to concern yourself with difficult to navigate l legal issues. ADLI Law happily does the hard work for you, allowing you to stay focused on running your business. We handle all issues relating to construction law, including mechanic’s liens, stop notices, bonded stop notices, contract disputes and issues, construction defects and countless other matters that are all within the scope of our expertise. In the Los Angeles area, as well as in our locations in Southern California and around the world, our team is standing by to provide the expert legal aid you deserve. Whether you need to protect your trademark in Santa Monica, or are looking for a family law attorney in Glendale, ADLI Law Group has your back.