The Copyright Attorney Los Angeles Trusts is Dr. Dariush Adli

At ADLI Law Group, P.C., you’ll find the highest caliber copyright attorney in Los Angeles and indeed worldwide. Led by the renowned attorney Dr. Dariush Adli, Ph.D, Esq., their team understands that patent, trademark and intellectual property issues are an increasingly global issue. Dr. Adli’s practice is focused on patent litigation in Los Angeles, representing high technology companies in all aspects of patent technology, including, electrical, software, biotechnology, mechanical, business methods and chemical arts as well as design patents.

The high quality of tech-related legal services offered at ADLI Law Group, P.C. should come as no surprise, considering the Los Angeles patent attorney’s background in engineering physics and his tenure as Counsel at an international law firm. However, Dr. Adli has also sought to build a team that provides top-notch skill and experience in other venues of business and intellectual property law, including copyright law, entertainment law, and other aspects of civil law such as property disputes.

Dr. Adli understands that in today’s integrated marketplace, professionals at companies of varied sizes and stature require the expertise of a truly skilled patent attorney in order to protect their inventions and trademarks from patent trolls and their malicious practices. That’s why, in addition to the firm’s L.A. headquarters; Dr. Adli has strategically established offices in business centers around the globe including London, Tokyo and Taipei.

The firm’s global presence has provided our legal team with a definitive cross-continental presence. The patent, trademark, copyright and intellectual property professionals on our team possess extensive experience working with overseas clients, and they work to remain well-versed in their languages and cultures in order to facilitate communication.