The Basics of Registering a Trademark

The small “TM” logo that appears next to many company logos and text slogans is the symbol that the content is trademarked. A trademark is any word, name, symbol, device, or any combination thereof that is used to identify the goods of a manufacturer. In short, your trademark is your brand name, the identity by which most consumers recognize and relate to your product.

The Benefits of a Trademark

Building strong brand recognition is a key part of any business and product’s success. Your customers identify with your products through your name, logo, or slogan. When people talk about the Apple Company they normally talk about one of its products rather than the company itself. The trademark names “iPod,” “iPhone” and “iPad” are Apple’s unique brand and have nearly replaced the “Apple” name itself when referring to the company.

In many instances, a trademarked item will become so popular in that category of goods that it becomes the catch-all name for that product. Kleenex, Band-Aid and Coke are all trademarked brand names, but many people use those trademarks to refer to all brands of tissues, adhesive bandages, and colas.

Registering a Trademark

A Los Angeles trademark attorney can assist you in the paperwork, application process, and filing for your trademark. By registering your trademark you are protecting it from unauthorized use by any other company or entity. You can still give permission to other companies to use your trademark on joint promotional materials or other instances you approve.

The registration of a trademark also gives you the right to impose restrictions on how and where your trademark is used. These are sometimes known as “graphics standards” in regards to logos. You can impose strict enforcement of the style, color, and use of your trademark on promotional materials. For instance, Nike can demand their swoosh logo only be shown in solid black and never be positioned within an inch of any other text.

Hiring a Los Angeles Trademark Attorney

There are guidelines for what sorts of materials are applicable for a trademark and which ones are not. For help in determining if your brand is eligible for a trademark you may want to consult with a Los Angeles trademark attorney.

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