Terms Commonly Found With Intellectual Property

inventionWelcome back to the series on intellectual property. If you’re just joining us, we suggest skipping back to our last blog post where we covered the general definition of intellectual property. Our post this week will focus on a few of the terms that you’re sure to see as you dive deeper into intellectual property, regardless of which side you’re in. This means that whether you’re the person looking to claim intellectual property or you’re fighting something that has been claimed as someone else’s intellectual property, these terms are incredibly important and ought to be well known before entering the process.


This legal term is thrown around casually without people always understanding what it is that copyright laws include. This particular protection is provided to you by the law to an individual creation or to an entity of original works that are produced by a creator. Any copyright laws protect the author or creator of original works. In order to receive the protections of this law, one must apply for copyright protection with each individual piece and have it approved before it can fully be copyright.


Trademark is something that is used for intellectual property of certain sorts. When it comes to trademark rights, think phrases, logos or names. This is something that is used for the names of particular products or symbols that are then used to represent a company. While it may not seem like something that should matter, as soon as these names or symbols gain recognition, you’re going to want to have them trademarked. The best example to use for this term is Kleenex™. People always ask for a Kleenex, but in reality that is a trademark brand. The true product is a tissue while Kleenex is a brand that produces tissues.


If you are looking to turn your idea into a full on invention, then a patent is what you’re going to need. This is for the one of a kind products that have yet to be discovered. A patent protects the inventions or discovery of an individual or entity for the procedures that are yet to be developed by this particular individual. This is going to be the type of protection of intellectual property that you need if you are looking to protect an idea that has yet to be discovered or created.

Again, we are only hitting the tip of the iceberg with this blog post. There are plenty of other terms that are used when discussing intellectual property and the rights that come with it. If you’re enjoying the information that we’ve come up with so far, then you are sure to love what’s in store. Make sure to stay in check with our blog to stay caught up with the posts in this series.