1. Your Trademark Can Become Useless If You Can’t Prove Use

    A U.S. trademark registration must be maintained every five years, and renewed every ten, to keep it active and enforceable.  A component of this is the trademark owner filing an affidavit with the Trademark Office, stating the trademark owner is still using the mark in connection with the goods and services in the registration.  The affidavit had to be accompanied by a current specimen showing …Read More

  2. Holy Customer Confusion Batman! Correct Robin, She’s Damaging My Brand

    Last week the "Batman Lego Movie" was released and throngs of movie goers flocked to the cinema to watch the caped crusader, in Lego form, gather and create his iconic team of Robin, Commissioner Gordon, and Batgirl.  Albeit, the "Batman Lego Movie" is satirical in its portrayal of the Dark Knight, however one subplot that holds true throughout all of the Batman mediums is Batman's initial hesita…Read More