1. Your Trademark Can Become Useless If You Can’t Prove Use

    A U.S. trademark registration must be maintained every five years, and renewed every ten, to keep it active and enforceable.  A component of this is the trademark owner filing an affidavit with the Trademark Office, stating the trademark owner is still using the mark in connection with the goods and services in the registration.  The affidavit had to be accompanied by a current specimen showing …Read More

  2. I Don’t Know Who’s Watching The “Big Game”, I’m Watching The Super Bowl

    Ah, yes, it's that time of year again. That time of year when everyone becomes a football fan. The time of year when we are reminded as to how many pounds of guacamole Americans eat, how may liters of beer Americans drink, and how many pizzas Domino's will deliver on one particular day of the year. A time of the year when during an important moment of a major sporting even we hear questions like "…Read More

  3. Trademark Infringement

    A healthy economy is always built on innovation, and for business professionals and inventors who pour their energy and imagination into designing an original brand, trademark infringement can be both detrimental to business and a uniquely personal issue. When dealing with cases of trademark infringement, the talented and knowledgeable business attorneys at ADLI Law Group P.C. have proven invaluab…Read More