1. What is the ‘Right of Publicity”?

    Most people have heard of well-known categories of intellectual property law such as trademark or copyright, but there is another type that you might not know, and all of us own one – the right of publicity. Don’t be misled by the word “publicity”; this right does not require you to be a celebrity pursued by paparazzi. Rather, it is the right to control the use of your own name or likeness…Read More

  2. Kylie and Kendall Jenner Don’t Know Wrong from Rights

    Earlier this year, Kylie Jenner tried to register a U.S. trademark for “Kylie” as a brand for her celebrity and her branded goods.  For some reason, she or her legal counsel neglected to first find out if that name/brand was available for trademark registration in the trademark classes Kylie sought.  It wasn't. As early as 2006, several “Kylie” registrations had been obtained by supersta…Read More

  3. Steps for Dealing with Liability as a Rental Property Owner

    You own a residential rental property, have a great tenant, and have been receiving timely rental income for years.  You believe you have life dialed that fateful day in the doctor’s office.  No, your health is fine; it’s the article you read while in the waiting room which raises your blood pressure.  The article is about a landlord who was successfully sued by a tenant who suffered burns …Read More

  4. I Don’t Know Who’s Watching The “Big Game”, I’m Watching The Super Bowl

    Ah, yes, it's that time of year again. That time of year when everyone becomes a football fan. The time of year when we are reminded as to how many pounds of guacamole Americans eat, how may liters of beer Americans drink, and how many pizzas Domino's will deliver on one particular day of the year. A time of the year when during an important moment of a major sporting even we hear questions like "…Read More

  5. Misconceptions About Patents

    From counseling clients for patent-related matters from time to time, I find it interesting that many people have some misconceptions about the patent or what patent does.  So I would like to briefly address some of the unique misconceptions I noticed and hope it can benefit some of you. Patent protects my product from being accused of patent infringement. Obtaining a patent for a product does no…Read More

  6. Beyonce Filed Application to Register Blue Ivy Carter’s Name with USPTO

    Beyoncé has filed an application to register her 5-year old daughter Blue Ivy Carter’s name with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) for use on everything from hair care to clothing, mobile devices and video games, among a number of other classes of goods. In 2012, shortly after Blue Ivy’s birth, Beyoncé and husband Jay-Z filed to register “Blue Ivy Carter” with the USPTO …Read More

  7. A Road Less Traveled – The Unique Control of the Big Rig Driver

    In this remarkable video footage shot by the California Highway Patrol and posted to the CHP Facebook page, you can watch and marvel in awe as the long haul truck driver maintains complete and calm control of the big rig truck gliding down U.S. Interstate 80.  According to the CHP, the driver of the truck had stalled the truck in the middle of the highway during a major snow storm, one of severab…Read More

  8. Holy Customer Confusion Batman! Correct Robin, She’s Damaging My Brand

    Last week the "Batman Lego Movie" was released and throngs of movie goers flocked to the cinema to watch the caped crusader, in Lego form, gather and create his iconic team of Robin, Commissioner Gordon, and Batgirl.  Albeit, the "Batman Lego Movie" is satirical in its portrayal of the Dark Knight, however one subplot that holds true throughout all of the Batman mediums is Batman's initial hesita…Read More

  9. California Supreme Court Adds Further Ruling That Employee Rest Breaks Must Relieve of All Work Duty

    This past December 2016, the California Supreme Court ruled on a case where security guards who were required to carry phones and radios with them on rest breaks, in order to be on call to respond, were deemed to have not been given compliant rest breaks under California law.  As a result, the Supreme Court reinstated an award of approximately $90 million in damages to the plaintiff and class in …Read More