1. Kylie and Kendall Jenner Don’t Know Wrong from Rights

    Earlier this year, Kylie Jenner tried to register a U.S. trademark for “Kylie” as a brand for her celebrity and her branded goods.  For some reason, she or her legal counsel neglected to first find out if that name/brand was available for trademark registration in the trademark classes Kylie sought.  It wasn't. As early as 2006, several “Kylie” registrations had been obtained by supersta…Read More

  2. Can a trademark include a mark that’s already registered within it?

    It depends on how the registered mark is used and how arbitrary or fanciful is the registered mark. In short, if no one will confuse your mark with the registered mark, then you likely will be fine. For example, “Target” is registered by Target Brands, Inc. in association with various retail department store services. However, because “target” is a common English word, use of the word “t…Read More