1. Subsidized Free Speech

    A group of California grape growers/shippers brought an action in the County of Fresno against the California Table Grape Commission, contending that the Commission’s collection of assessments under the Ketchum Act (Food & Agr. Code § 65500 et seq.) to subsidize promotional speech on behalf of all California table grapes violates the growers’ right to free speech. The plaintiffs contend t…Read More

  2. Bird Law and the Fourth Amendment

    Fictional character Charlie Kelly once said “bird law in this country – it’s not governed by reason.” In an opinion filed May 1, 2018, the Ninth Circuit disagrees, holding that the Fourth Amendment may protect an individual from having his apparently healthy birds seized by the city without a warrant. In Martino Recchia v City of Los Angeles Department of Animal Services, a homeless indivi…Read More

  3. Why Your Startup Should Use Legal Counsel

    Starting a business can be both an exciting and extremely stressful time. As you work hard to get your business off the ground and seek success within your market, it is important to realize what legal factors need to be considered when doing so. Though it may be initially overlooked or something that people think they can do themselves, it is an important and essential aspect in starting your com…Read More

  4. What a Creditor Should Know When Receiving a Bankruptcy Filing

    Bankruptcy is never a pleasant time for any party involved, especially if you are a creditor. Filing for bankruptcy usually means that creditors will not be paid back in full, though that may not be the case in all scenarios. As a creditor, getting the notice of a bankruptcy filing is an essential first step in understanding what your rights are and what avenues to take to get some of the money th…Read More

  5. Restraining Orders

    Disputes and confrontations are inevitable with relationships, friendships, and family members. However, when there is a line that is crossed in domestic relationships or civil harassment, there are legal avenues to take to protect yourself from unnecessary harm. At ADLI Law Group, we work with a variety of family law issues, including dealing with restraining orders, to provide you with the legal…Read More

  6. What’s in A Name? Everything If Your Name Is Kylie Jenner

    We’re saturated with Kylie Jenner.  She has celebrity.  She’s all over reality TV as a Kardashian adjunct.  She regularly graces the covers of tabloids.  She has tens of millions of followers as a social media icon.  She has a burgeoning career as a fashionista, either selling or planning to sell clothing, cosmetics and accessories. What she doesn’t have is trademark rights in her name.…Read More

  7. Domestic Violence For LGBT

    A relationship can take you and your partner on an array of emotions - blissful first experiences, memorable life achievements, stress about life decisions, and the occasional or sometimes very frequent fights. Relationships with disagreements are normal, but there comes a point where a line has been crossed and domestic violence can occur. It may be hard for you to come to terms with, but underst…Read More

  8. Understanding Landlord Rights

    As a landlord, managing multiple properties, or even just one, can be a daunting responsibility. Whether it’s getting a call in the middle of a night because of a leak in one of the properties, or your tenant is beginning to damage the property itself, finding the balance in how to respond can sometimes be empowered or restrained due to legal rights. At ADLI, we’re dedicated to helping resolve…Read More

  9. Let’s Define Intellectual Property

    Welcome to the first part of our new series regarding intellectual property and the way that it is handled legally. For all individuals that are creative, this information is extremely beneficial and helpful when ensuring that your ideas remain your own. We believe that the best way to start this series is from the foundation and base of it all: the definition. As a legal term, there is one very s…Read More

  10. A Breakdown of Intellectual Property

    Creativity is something that this world is abundant in. It’s seen in inventions like the light bulb and concepts like electricity, but also thrives in arts such as music and drawing. While some products, recipes and names are easy to call your own, how do you ensure that an idea or concept that has yet to physically be created, is not stolen by another individual? For some the concept of intelle…Read More