1. A Product Not on the Market Does Not Mean It Is Patentable for Certain

    Many people are convinced that they will receive patent for their product simply because currently no one has made and sold the same product on the market.  Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.  While it may be a good indication that a product is novel if no one else is making/selling it, it is not a guarantee that the product will be able to obtain a patent.  The Patent Office generall…Read More

  2. Patenting an Incomplete Invention – Keep in Mind the Enablement Requirement

    Sometimes it may be oversimplified to tell an inventor that his or her invention can be patented before it is complete, because this may cause the inventor to try to apply for patent too early.  While an inventor is not required to fully complete his or her invention before trying to apply for patent protection, the inventor should not file a patent application (specifically the nonprovisional ut…Read More

  3. Misconceptions About Patents

    From counseling clients for patent-related matters from time to time, I find it interesting that many people have some misconceptions about the patent or what patent does.  So I would like to briefly address some of the unique misconceptions I noticed and hope it can benefit some of you. Patent protects my product from being accused of patent infringement. Obtaining a patent for a product does no…Read More

  4. Homemade Inventions Deserve Patents, Too

    Some people still believe that patents can only be issued for exotic and high-tech inventions.  However, U.S. patent law does not require that a new device, product or process resemble something from a science fiction movie; a useful modification or improvement of an existing device may also be worthy of patent protection.  A patentable device or process can be fairly straightforward in concept.…Read More

  5. New Inventions: Flying Cars

    In light of recent technological breakthroughs, flying cars could have their debut in the commercial market in 10 years and be in wide use in less than 20 years.  After being the subject of science fiction and fantasy for a century, flying cars are finally coming of age. Dr. Dariush Adli, President of the renowned Los Angeles based ADLI Law Group, which is well known for representing and advising…Read More

  6. Your Start-Up Will Stall If It Doesn’t Own Its IP

    As I’ve emphasized in other writings, the single most important asset of any business is its intellectual property (“IP”).  Sure, good management is very important, but executives and other managers can (and do) come and go.  A start-up’s IP, like a diamond, should be forever (or at least until it’s sold or transferred).  Among other benefits, securing ownership of all your start-up…Read More