1. Something to Learn From Carrie Fisher

    My oldest and closest friend likes to say: “Our time on Earth is the vacation, so we better enjoy all of it.  When we die, we go back to work."  Yes, he’s a little twisted, but I think he’s spot-on.  We too soon lost so many of talent’s royalty in 2016 – a Princess (Leia-- Carrie Fisher), Prince, David Bowie, Alan Richman, George Michael and the Eagles’ Glen Frey among them. It shou…Read More

  2. What A Judge Looks at In A Custody Battle

    In our last blog post we dove into the topic of child custody and how there are various things that a judge will be looking at when it comes time to decide who gains custody. At ADLI Law Group, our primary goal is to provide you with as much information as possible on your case and the legal situations so that we can minimize the chances of you being blindsided during your case. As we said in our …Read More

  3. What A Judge Looks at In A Custody Battle

    If you’re getting started with a child custody case, then you might be a little overwhelmed and nervous for the things that are to follow. What makes custody cases so difficult is that such a big portion of your life and that of a child you love, is in the hands of a stranger. When you’re looking out for the future of your children, you will make your best effort to have a lawyer that can defe…Read More