1. Should Musical Works be Entitled to ‘Broad’ or ‘Thin’ Copyright Protection?

    A hotly disputed legal issue between the majority and dissent in the recent, highly publicized, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit “Blurred Lines” decision in Williams v. Gaye, No. 15-56880, concerned whether Marvin Gaye’s 1976 hit song “Got to Give it Up” was entitled to “broad” or “thin” copyright protection. The Ninth Circuit panel, in a 2-1 decision over a vigorous d…Read More

  2. Is Margiela Purposely Playing with Burberry’s Fire?

    Burberry is well known for fiercely protecting its Brand. No later than last year, the company filed a lawsuit against the rapper and producer Perry Noise, Aka “Burberry Perry." Noise was not only using the protected word mark “Burberry”, but also the federally registered check pattern and equestrian trademark in connection with his album, online marketing and social media pages. After few …Read More

  3. No Fake News Here. Your Website or App Content Can Get You Sued for Copyright Infringement, Unless It Complies with New Law

    President Trump regularly says you can’t trust the media.  He’s 100% right -- if he’s talking about a type of digital media.  This would be the third-party content, such as videos, photos and posts to chat rooms, bulletin boards and discussion forums, that are hosted on a site or app (“Site(s)” for purposes of this blog), can be accessed there by referral or linking to other Sites, or …Read More

  4. Let’s Define Intellectual Property

    Welcome to the first part of our new series regarding intellectual property and the way that it is handled legally. For all individuals that are creative, this information is extremely beneficial and helpful when ensuring that your ideas remain your own. We believe that the best way to start this series is from the foundation and base of it all: the definition. As a legal term, there is one very s…Read More