Success in Many Legal Fields

Adli Law Group, P.C. is a full-service law firm that employs the top attorneys in various fields, from business, real estate, construction, intellectual property to family law. It’s the perfect service for anybody looking for legal counsel on forming their business, protecting your copyright, or drawing up a fair custody agreement. Whatever problems may arise in your business or personal affairs, our team of savvy and tenacious attorneys are ready to help. Whether you need an Armenian family law attorney who understands your cultural and language needs or an attorney who is a professional in business matters, Adli Law Group has the experience you need.

Adli Law Group has the leading business attorney in Los Angeles, experienced in forming organizations, handling a broad spectrum of contract matters, and defending intellectual property. According to renowned business attorney Dr. Dariush Adli, our lawyers are not only leaders in patent and copyright paperwork, we have extensive experience with in-court litigation. It’s important to have a law firm on your side that deals with more than one aspect of the law so that you always have an expert on your side, no matter what issues come up.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an individual with a small startup business or if you need help with a large corporation, Adli Law Group gives the same attentive care to all of our clients. With offices in L.A., Dallas, Tokyo, London, and Taipei, we can be there for you wherever business takes you. If you need a family law expert, business attorney, or an Armenian construction attorney in Los Angeles, call Adli Law Group today.