So You Can Keep What’s Yours

While taxes are an inevitable part of life and business ownership, what doesn’t have to be inevitable is for a business or individual to pay any more than their fair share. Yet, the laws and regulations governing taxes can be incredibly complex, and burden a business both in the process of filing taxes, and in any potential penalties for filing them improperly. If a business ever finds themselves faced with an audit, the first step should always be turning to the tax lawyer Los Angeles businesses count on when their back is against the wall. At ADLI Law Group P.C., attorney Cheryl Frank is that lawyer.

For all matters of business law, ADLI Law’s multi-talented team of world-class attorneys have established themselves as some of the best in the business. When it comes to tax law, they have been successful in defending clients faced with civil audits, criminal audits, and even employment tax audits. Especially for businesses with different classifications of employees who may have different tax considerations, a tax lawyer that knows the ins and outs of federal, state and local tax law is a must.

The tax attorneys at ADLI Law Group P.C. have experience in a wide range of tax related sectors, so they understand the goals and the abilities of each organization or government entity that may be causing tax problems for a business. It is important to remember that, in the world of taxes, a decision may not always be a final decision, and many opportunities for appeals are present, even if a situation may on the surface seem resolved. For a tax attorneycapable of bringing a resolution that you and your business can be happy with, count on ADLI Law Group P.C.