Securing Your Copyright Needs

Whether you run a corporation or are an individual with legal needs, having a lawyer who understands copyright litigation can be vital to your success. Copyright laws are some of the most complex and yet important statutes in the field of intellectual property (IP) law because they can protect your business and original works from potential pitfalls. ADLI Law Group P.C. has a ready team of legal experts who are here to assist with your copyright needs, from representation in court to working through tough-to-understand paperwork. When you have a strong copyright lawyer on your side, you are doing what’s needed to protect against potential claims of infringement and litigation that may arise.

As a top copyright lawyer in Los Angeles, led by one of the nation’s foremost copyright authorities, Dr. Dariush Adli, ADLI Law Group offers many copyright services. These services include acquirement, development, enforcement, dispute resolution, anti-counterfeiting measures, intellectual property litigation, and availability analysis. Each of these services can protect your ideas, from the moment they arise to far into the future.

Regardless of whether you’re an individual with legal needs, a start-up, or a big corporation in need of legal help, ADLI Law Group treats every client with the attention and respect they need to succeed. We have offices in Los Angeles, Glendale, La Canada, Texas, Tokyo, Taipai, and London, so you know you can be covered in all of the top business locations in the world. Whether you need a strong copyright lawyer or an expert in family law in Glendale, Aldi Law Group can is here to deal with your important legal needs.