Register Your Copyright to Protect Yourself Against Copyright Infringement

The purpose of obtaining a copyright is to protect your intellectual property rights. This gives you the exclusive rights to your creations under the protection of copyright law. By officially registering your copyright with the United States Copyright Office, you will retain the exclusive rights to:

  • Publicly display your copyrighted work;
  • Reproduce your copyrighted work;
  • Produce derivative works of your copyrighted work; and
  • Distribute and receive compensation for your copyrighted work. 

To obtain an official copyright in Orange County, you can file online via The United States Copyright Office website, using their registration form. You may also file with the help of an Orange County Copyright law attorney.

When someone violates the exclusive rights to your copyrighted property, this is known as copyright infringement. To protect against this kind of infringement you have the option of legal recourse if you can establish yourself as the copyright holder of said property, which is why you want to register your copyright in the first place.

Protecting your Official Copyright from Infringement

The unauthorized use of your copyrighted material is known as copyright infringement. If this happens to you, you can stop it by filing a copyright infringement lawsuit. You can do this by seeking the help of an Orange Country copyright law attorney.

In a copyright infringement lawsuit, your attorney will need to prove that an infringement has taken place. To do so, they will need to show:

  • Your ownership of the valid and official copyright, including your tangible, original work
  • That an actual infraction has taken place, such as the unauthorized copying, use, or distribution of your exclusive copyrighted property

Once the infringement has been proven by an Orange County copyright law attorney, you can demand an injunction to stop any further infringement from taking place. This will prevent any further reproduction, distribution, or unauthorized use of your creation.

You may also sue to recover damages for the unauthorized use of your property. In addition, a judge may issue punitive damages to compensate for the harm that was done.

However, if someone does want to continue to use your creation, then you may work out a licensing agreement for a fee or for royalty payments. An Orange County copyright law attorney can help negotiate the terms of this agreement.

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