Protecting Your IP Rights

Protecting your intellectual property (IP) rights through copyright can be tricky, especially if you’ve never filed for a copyright before. Whether you’re in the entertainment industry and trying to protect your original works, or a business owner seeking to establish or expand your IP portfolio, it’s best to have a skilled and experienced copyright lawyer on your side. At Adli Law Group, P.C. our hard-working legal experts are dedicated to obtaining successful outcomes for their clients, no matter what legal issues they’re looking to resolve. We offer a full range of copyright services, including acquirement, development, enforcement, dispute resolution, anti-counterfeiting, intellectual property litigation, anti-piracy, and more.

According to Dr. Dariush Adli, our founder and a leading copyright/IP attorney in the U.S., filing copyright paperwork is only the start. There are numerous details to establishing a viable copyright portfolio that require the advice of a skilled lawyer to deal with them without opening the door to problems further down the line. Moreover, it’s crucial to defend your original works from infringement because copyright laws can allow unprotected works to enter public domain. According to Dr. Adli, if you’ve created original work such as a film, writings, songs, music, painting, book, poetry, photography, social media, software, and architectural plans, it’s essential to have a copyright lawyer who can defend you from infringement. Of course, when problems do arise, copyright litigation may sometimes be necessary and you will need a legal team that is truly adept at negotiations and in-court litigation.

Yes, doing IP law right requires the assistance of skilled counsel, but so do other areas of the law. No matter if you need a patent lawyer in Los Angeles or help with real estate or general business law, Adli Law Group has the legal team that can truly protect your interests.