Protect Your Intellectual Property Worldwide

As a creative entrepreneur, you want your design or idea to enter the marketplace in a timely and opportune fashion. At ADLI Law Group, we know your goal is to do well, but you need help doing that. According to Dr. Dariush Adli, founder of the firm and one of the most recognized authorities in copyright litigation, many creative professionals fail to consider how popular their product might be in another country, and therefore fail to file appropriate copyright protection overseas. With software code, medical formulas, and other forms of intellectual property at risk on a regular basis, Dr. Adli and his team know exactly how important it is to protect your work in all markets.

As one of the top copyright lawyers in the U.S., Dr. Adli has assembled a team of attorneys who have the experience you need to protect your business and your original works, including designs. He recommends filing domestically first, which he and his team are glad to help with. However, it is equally important to consider ahead of time which markets you might expand into, and file for patent, trademark, copyright and trade secret protections abroad as well. And, if you are the victim of theft or piracy of your work, do not hesitate to contact the ADLI Law Group for help asserting your rights to your intellectual property.

Just because your creative work is intangible intellectual property does not mean you should just let it go if someone else appropriates your idea. Contact the ADLI Law Group today for some of the nation’s leading patent, trade secret, and trademark lawyers.