Protect Your Creative Property

Los Angeles buzzes with creative individuals. Artists of all types live and work in this sprawling metropolis. And one aspect of this creative lifestyle is the necessity of patents. Creative work (everything from books to plays to songs) can be patented, and when an artist wants to take this step, the ADLI Law Group, P.C. is one the most resourceful and experienced groups in the business. If you’re looking for a copyright litigation attorney in Los Angeles this is the team you want to give serious consideration.

The expertise of the ADLI Law Group, P.C. doesn’t stop with copyright law. They also cover a range of other areas, including the Life Sciences (e.g. inventions in medical technology or new chemical compounds) and trademark litigation. In fact, the ADLI Law Group, P.C. prides itself on having a top-tier trademark litigation lawyer along with a number of other formidable attorneys. Trademark issues can be unexpected, and when they pop up, you want somebody who’s trustworthy and knowledgeable.

The business of protecting your creative property or trademark is critical to the financial aspect of creative industries. If you’re working on a project, and you want to make sure you protect what’s rightfully yours, then you needn’t look any further than the ADLI Law Group. It offers immensely experienced copyright litigation in Los Angeles and was founded by the renowned Dr. Dariush Adli, Ph.D., Esq., a man who knows the law and the importance of protecting creative and technical work. If you have an intellectual property issue, ADLI Law Group, P.C. is ready to help.