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What makes ADLI Law Group exceptional lawyers?

ADLI Law Group recruits only the highest caliber business lawyers, attorneys and professionals so as to provide our clients with the highest quality legal services in Los Angeles. We combine large law firm experience, credentials and work quality with cost-effectiveness and a unique level of personalized attention and care. At the cutting edge of law, we aid our clients in meeting the challenges of an increasingly complicated and thriving international marketplace. We proudly offer services in areas, including litigation, family law, business law and more.

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Dr. Dariush Adli

President of ADLI Law Group 


Marina Manoukian

Head of Family Law 


Paul I. Menes

Head of Entertainment & Media 


Ryan S. Mitchell

Corporate Attorney 


Ben Jakovljevic

Senior Counsel 


Olfa B’Chir

European Attorney


Nicolette Hachem-Sawaya

Director of Operations & Marketing


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