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The ADLI Law Group accompanies you in patent law, trademark law, copyright, entertainment law and more!



The lawyers of the firm assist you in contract law, company law, commercial procedure, consumer law ...


Labor and Employment

When you need to understand your exposures, find ways to manage your risks, or respond to a complaint that was filed, either administratively or with a court, look to ADLI Law for assistance with your labor and employment litigation!

Defend, Negotiate, Advocate, Innovate

We protect your rights internationally, whether in intellectual property law or business law!



At the ADLI Law Group we help our clients navigate and help relieve the stress associated with divorce, child custody disputes and other family legal matters.



Virtual reality law, media law, entertainment law...Call on the experts to help!


Our in-depth knowledge and experience uniquely qualify us to handle any complex IP acquisition, licensing, post-grant process and litigation situations.

We adapt our approach and focus on customer needs. We begin by understanding the activities, goals and objectives of our client and work closely with the client to develop a strategy tailored to their specific objectives. We are developing a legal strategy that is tailored to our clients' resources, their risks, and their overall business objectives. Our lawyers in intellectual property and business law focus on quick resolution strategies. These strategies include early mediation, settlement through direct negotiations during the pre-discovery phase of the litigation, summary judgment and binding arbitration.

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Dr. Dariush Adli Reviews Copyright Small Claims Court Law in an Article for the Daily Journal

In an article for the Daily Journal, Dr. Dariush Adli examines the key provisions of the Copyright Alternative in the Small Claims Enforcement Act. Additionally, he discusses the Act’s criticisms and suggests how copyright attorneys can optimize their clients’ position. To learn more about ADLI’s Copyright practice, click here. To read the article, click here…


Dr. Adli Covers LA Lawyer Magazine Reviewing the SCOTUS Decision to Modify the Lanham Act

Dr. Dariush Adli, ADLI Law Group’s founder, president, and intellectual property leader is featured on the cover of the November issue of Los Angeles Lawyer. In the publication, he discusses the long-awaited SCOTUS decision in the First Amendment challenge to the Immoral or Scandalous Clause of the Lanham Act. The article aptly titled, “No OFFENSE Intended?”…

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