Our Experience Protects Your Designs

At the ADLI Law Group, we pride ourselves on our experienced and knowledgeable trademark lawyers. Our team of lawyers and paralegals offer legal counsel to business owners, engineers, and artists who might need help with trademark issues, including trade names, logos, trade dress, and domain name questions or problems.

According to Dr. Dariush Adli, a highly recognized expert in intellectual property law, including patent and trademark law, protecting your design work at all times is essential. Dr. Adli started as an engineer, so he understands the complexities of the design process, as well as the law protecting that design. With a doctorate in Solid State Physics, and years of experience working on system designs, Dr. Adli understands both sides of the intellectual property process. After working as a counsel for one of the nation’s biggest law firms in the trademark and patent field, Dr. Adli branched out to start his own law firm that specifically protects and advises inventors, artists, and designers in all fields from theft, whether from an individual or a large business. His team of intellectual property and trademark attorneys will keep your work product safe.

The ADLI Law Group offers copyright, trademark, trade secret and patent law counsel to not only residents of Southern California, but businesses and individuals from all over the world. With offices in three locations in the Los Angeles area – as well as Dallas, Texas; London, England; Taipei, Taiwan, and Tokyo, Japan– our attorneys frequently work in the full range of international patent and trademark law.

Each nation has different methods of protecting intellectual property, and the copyright lawyers at our firm want to ensure that your work is thoroughly protected against piracy or theft. And, if your work is taken without your permission, we will fight to protect your ideas in court. Contact us today for outstanding legal assistance.