Our Copyright Law Team Can Help You Succeed

In an ever-changing, constantly connected world, you need to protect your intellectual property, including patent, trade mark, copyright and trade secrets. The attorneys at ADLI Law Group P.C. have decades of experience in national and international patent and copyright litigation that can help you succeed by protecting your valuable creations. Whether you have invented a new device or application, want to register a trademark or protect a literary or artistic work, or need help defending your business against attack by patent trolls, the business and intellectual property team at ADLI Law Group has the expertise to help you attain your goals.

With the incredible connectedness and sharing capacity of the Internet, copyright has become an intricate and complex endeavor. It seems like works of art and technical specs for new inventions can be shared almost as soon as they are created. Although this can be a benefit for some creators, according to leading copyright authority Dr. Dariush Adli, it is just as important that the creative businesses be ready to protect itself in the event of contract disputes. Dr. Adli started his career as a scientist, and his experience in that field along with his legal expertise have made him a world-renowned leader in patents as well as trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. Because our copyright lawyers at ADLI Law Group are based in Los Angeles with satellite offices in such locations as Dallas, Taipei, and Tokyo, our group sees the ramifications of patent infringement and other types of creative wrongdoing both nationally and internationally, and we are here to protect you from being a victim.

Our legal experts at ADLI Law Group also work with construction firms and in family law, so we understand the sensitivity and importance of every detail in contracts and legal agreements. Contact us today if you need an outstanding copyright, patent, or trademark lawyer.