Meaningful Construction Law Expertise

Southern California’s economy is humming again, which means that new construction is found everywhere. Dr. Dariush Adli and his team of Construction law experts at Adli Law Group, note that, because of federal regulations concerning working hours and workers’ rights, construction contracts are some of the most complex and intricate legal documents. Fortunately, the attorneys at the law firm founded by Dr. Adli, ADLI Law Group, possess decades of expertise to help you in all kinds of business dealings.

We work across the U.S., from Los Angeles to Dallas, as well as internationally, so we have a deep knowledge of every aspect of business law, including real estate and construction. As a highly diversified law firm, we are the place to find an outstanding patent, trademark and copyright lawyer, as well the office to obtain expert assistance in contracts relating to construction.

Dr. Adli worked as an engineer and engineering consultant for years before founding the ADLI Law Group; as a world-renowned expert in intellectual properties litigation, he understands that both sides must have their needs met for a project to become profitable. His team of legal experts include labor and employment specialists who can help your construction firm negotiate or renegotiate any labor contracts. We also offer help with tenants’ issues, construction insurance disputes, subcontractor actions, and defense against construction defect claims. When your business needs a Los Angeles or Glendale construction lawyer who has first-hand experience with global construction issues, the ADLI Law Group is here for you.

Our construction lawyers in Los Angeles and at our international offices want you to focus on a successful project, without worrying about legal issues. Contact the ADLI Law Group for help with patents, contracts, or construction issues today.