Legal Protection for Original Works

For Los Angeles-based creative professionals, copyright is an extremely important issue. As the center of the movie industry for the United States and much of the world, L.A. is a creative hub that is now also associated with fashion designers, theatre, visual artists, writers, and more – and they all need protection for the intellectual property they create. According to ADLI Law Group P.C. founder Dr. Dariush Adli, a world-renowned expert in trademark and copyright law, Los Angeles develops much of the nation’s creative output, which means more artists and creative entrepreneurs than ever need an excellent copyright lawyer.

Whether a budding author writes the next great American novel, or a large movie studio produces a big-budget feature, intellectual property laws in the U.S. are often difficult to enforce than in many other countries. In many cases, the movie itself can be illegally copied and sold without any compensation going to the film’s producers. Moreover, while any attempt to appropriate elements of a novel or screenplay can result in swift copyright litigation in the U.S., it is more difficult to protect intellectual property abroad. That is why the ADLI Law Group not only has offices located in Southern California, but in international capitals such as London, Tokyo, and Taipei. International protections are available for U.S. authors and creators, and the ADLI Law Group fully understands the intricacies of these legal matters.

ADLI Law Group offers help with nearly any intellectual property issue, from developing a trademark and registering a logo with the help of a trademark lawyer, to taking a corporation to court for infringing on a patent. If you are concerned about protecting any kind of intellectual property, from a novel or screenplay to an invention or software package, we are here to help.