Legal Expertise to Protect Your Ideas

Although it is illegal in the U.S. for anyone to violate copyright or patent law, these laws do not offer full protection for intellectual property outside of the country. We see this all the time when movies or albums are illegally copied in another country, then posted online for anyone to view. Still, that is far from the only example of how material developed domestically can essentially be stolen for sale on the worldwide market. According to Dr. Dariush Adli, a world-renowned expert in patent and copyright law, this kind of theft can happen to anyone’s intellectual property if it is not fully protected. ADLI Law Group, P.C. offers patent, copyright, and trademark lawyer that can protect your ideas in the worldwide marketplace.

In order to protect your intellectual property, it is important to file the proper patents or copyrights, and even consider developing a trademark and logo to brand your work. Without paperwork demonstrating that you or your firm originated the idea, trademark or copyright litigation can become a protracted battle and may not be decided in your favor.
Dr. Adli earned his doctorate degree in solid state physics and worked as a scientist for years before founding the ADLI Law Group, but he has also worked on behalf of creative individuals in the literary, cinematic, and musical worlds. His experience with patent filing and litigation, along with his team’s in-depth knowledge of intellectual property and copyright protection offers complete protection for all forms of intellectual property.

Whether you seek help for patent litigation in Los Angeles, need help filing a trademark at the federal level, or have questions about copyright eligibility, contact the ADLI Law Group today.