Internationally Renowned Business Lawyers

At ADLI Law Group P.C., our team of first-rate attorneys has decades of experience in a variety of business, intellectual property and contract litigation areas, including patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, real estate, construction disputes and negotiations. According to our founder, noted business and intellectual property law expert, Dr. Dariush Adli, our legal team can help you resolve legal issues of all kinds, whether you need an expert in trademark or patent law, general business law, or require the help of one of the nation’s best copyright lawyers.

In today’s global economy, business litigation has become more diverse than ever, which is why many of our attorneys speak multiple languages. For example, Brandon A. Takahashi is an American and Japanese business lawyer in Los Angeles, and he speaks English, basic Japanese, and Spanish. Not only does Mr. Takahashi understand business from the perspective of both the US and Japan, he has taught business and intellectual property law at Loyola University. His in-depth understanding of international patent and business law can help you negotiate across the Pacific. While our main office is located in Los Angeles, ADLI Law Group has satellite offices in locales that include Dallas, Taipei, Tokyo, and London.

ADLI Law Group’s skilled attorneys are here to help you understand and negotiate contracts of all sorts. Whether you want to look into employment agreements, or renegotiate an international construction contract due to changes in the building plan, our team can help you understand the intricate details of the law and negotiate the best solution. For the finest business lawyer Los Angeles has to offer, contact the ADLI Law Group today.