In which state should I incorporate my business?

Your business doesn’t always have to be filed in your home state alone when it comes time to incorporate your business. While most small businesses take this route because it’s the least expensive and most simplified, there are some benefits to incorporating a business in other states such as Delaware, Nevada and Wyoming.

Incorporating a Business in Your Home State

This is the most common, simplest and least expensive route to take when incorporating a business. Not only is all the paperwork handled locally within your state, but you do not have to deal with multiple applications, fees, and regulations from other states.

You should first incorporate a business in your home state before seeking incorporation in other states. The reason is because all states require that a business re-register in the home state if it chooses to file in another state. This is especially important if you plan on opening bank accounts or leasing office space in your home state.

If you register outside of your home state prior to incorporating a business in another state, you will be known as a “foreign corporation” (a corporation not originally registered in your state). You will rarely avoid any taxes or fees, and may be required to pay additional fees to register as a “foreign corporation” so it is usually best to file in your home state first.

For help in deciding which options are right for your business, California business law attorneys are experienced in evaluating your options. They may also suggest incorporating a business in additional states to improve your legal business matters.

Incorporating a Business in Delaware, Nevada or Wyoming

Many larger corporations choose to incorporate a business in Delaware because of its extensive business court system which focuses on business litigation. Delaware’s body of law is much more business-oriented and allows for ease of operation for many fast-growing corporations.

Nevada is also a new hot spot for incorporating a business thanks to its pro-business climate, low tax rates, and lack of information sharing with the IRS. Nevada presents a special challenge, as some questionable methods of incorporation have been uncovered in the state. For the most legitimate methods of Nevada incorporation, seek the assistance of California business law attorneys.

Wyoming also shares a positive climate for incorporating a business with lower filing fees, annual fees, and more. Filing in states like Wyoming, Nevada and Delaware also offers some form of protection because many lawyers are reluctant to prosecute a business incorporated in these states, as they favor businesses during litigation.

Hiring California Business Law Attorneys

You have many options when incorporating a business and it may be difficult to determine which ones are right for you. The expertise of California business law attorneys brings with it the past experience of cases like yours. Knowing what works for your business is a key to successful incorporation.

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