How to Get a Patent

Every idea begins in a space not much larger than a coffee mug—the human brain. But in the twenty-first century, intellectual property that goes on to become legally protected through patents can (and often does) have global reach. As the world continues to globalize at breathtaking speeds, an increasing number of aspiring and ambitious entrepreneurs are interested in the process surrounding how to patent an idea. In today’s interconnected business world, completing an international patent application is often only the first in a long series of intricate steps. Fortunately, the expert patent lawyers at ADLI Law Group P.C. are always available and eager to help.

ADLI Law Group P.C. offers a full range of patent services, from strategic counseling and portfolio development, to transactions and licensing, and more. Our seasoned team of lawyers is well-equipped to assist clients with how to file a patent,as well as represent them in all litigation and appeals. Additionally, many of our attorneys are well-versed in disciplines that extend beyond their expertise in the patent application process. It is fairly uncommon for a litigation lawyer to also hold an advanced technical degree or PhD in disciplines such as physics, computer science and electrical engineering, but those unique resources are just part of what sets ADLI Law Group apart from the competition. We are even one of an elite few firms that offer patent acquisition services in the area of nuclear energy.

Complexities in Contemporary Intellectual Property Law

The foundation for patent law in the United States dates back to America’s charter, the Constitution; but how to get a patent has changed dramatically since 1789. Finding an efficient and knowledgeable patent attorney at ADLI Law Group will empower you to effectively navigate through the parameters of intellectual property law in order to fully participate in this historic hallmark of western capitalism.

One social development that has complicated the contemporary patent process has been the rapid advance of innovation throughout industrialized countries, as well as developing nations around the globe. To this end, ADLI Law Group has sought to maintain a significant presence in transnational business centers such as Los Angeles, London, Tokyo and Taipei. This allows us to better help our clients with filing a patent regardless of their cultural background, native language or regional regulations.

About ADLI Law Group P.C.

Before starting ADLI Law Group P.C., founder Dr. Dariush ADLI served as head of the Patent Group at a large international law firm in Los Angeles. Having earned a doctoral degree in Engineering Physics from the University of Michigan, Dr. ADLI has carefully developed his intellectual property firm into a leading patent juggernaut that has earned the respect and envy of most every copyright lawyer in Los Angeles. We boast an impressive variety of clients, including a number of Fortune 500 companies.

If you’re an entrepreneur or business professional and curious about how to file a patent, contact ADLI Law Group P.C. for expert legal counsel on technologies including electronics, semiconductors, nuclear energy, medical devices, optics, telecommunication, computer hardware and software, among many other disciplines. The capable staff at ADLI Law Group is standing by to assist you with all your patent-related needs. If you are interested in learning more about how ADLI Law Group can help you achieve all your intellectual property goals, do not hesitate to call their Los Angeles headquarters today at 1-800-817-2949.