GrayKey and Privacy

One of the newer third-party devices for iPhones may be on its way to a quick irrelevancy. Local law enforcement and other agencies across the country have been inquiring into potentially using a device called GrayKey. GrayKey is a small, cheap device that promises to completely unlock up-to-date iPhones. The latest reports reveal the technology is being inquired into or procured in Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Maryland, and New York. Certain agencies potentially inquiring include the DEA, FBI, State Department, Secret Service, and Coast Guard.

On July 9, 2018, Apple released iOS 11.4.1, which includes a small update that contains a new security feature called USB Restricted Mode, which protects against these USB devices being used by law enforcement and private companies that connect over iPhone’s Lightning to crack an iPhone’s passcode and evade Apple’s usual encryption safeguards.

The technology obviously raises numerous legal issues, especially for lawyers in Los Angeles and California, which prioritizes privacy at the outset of its constitution. For now though, iPhone users can rest a little easier now with the update.