ADLI Law Group is a full-service law firm providing legal services in business law, media and entertainment law, real estate law, products liability, intellectual property law, family law and labor and employment law. Located in the heart of Los Angeles, California, we’re happy to call the business district in downtown our home.

ADLI’s Philosophy

Our philosophy starts by us giving personal attention to each and every one of our clients’ needs. This way, we’re able to ensure that we’re meeting each client’s’ goals so that they receive the full value of legal expense they incur. Additionally, each client will secure the personal attention that they merit from the leading business and intellectual property lawyers in Los Angeles and other locations. Dr. Dariush Adli, our law firm’s founder, is a veteran of the top tier U.S. law firms. These law firms brought the highest quality of practice to the bigger law firms in the more congenial, value-based and client-focused atmosphere of a boutique law firm.

Our Strengths

Our strength shows when we are hired to help businesses of a variety of sizes manage, protect and identify their intellectual property portfolios as a valuable and strategic business asset. Our clients notice our depth of knowledge and experience uniquely qualifies us for handling any complex situation of intellectual property acquisitions, licensing, post-grant proceedings and litigation.

We Tailor Our Approach

Additionally, we believe that our client-oriented approach to the litigation processes begin with understanding our client’s business, goals, objectives and working with the client closely to develop a tailored strategy to their specific goal is important. We appreciate each and every client who chooses us to receive the most value for their resources; and as such, we perfect a tailored legal strategy to their business resources, risk adverseness and overall goals as a company. Because we recognize that litigation is often a drain and distraction on business, our intellectual property and business lawyers put specialized focus on early resolution strategies. These strategies include early mediation, settlement through direct negotiations during the pre-discovery phase of litigation, summary judgement and binding arbitration.

Affordable Fees

The clients that come to ADLI Law Group appreciate the virtue of services they receive at a substantially more affordable and lower hourly rate than larger, national law firm competitors. We like to think of our law firm as a nimble and friendly boutique firm that offers cost-effective prices. Additionally, we have the ability to offer our clients an alternative billing arrangement in order to help them manage their litigation expenses. At ADLI Law Group, we focus our attention on each and every client’s needs to offer the highest value and quality of legal representation at reasonable rates.

ADLI Law Group Areas of Practice:

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