Expert International Tax Litigation Attorneys

When you want to expand your business to work internationally, it is important to go in with an understanding of international business laws. These laws not only cover copyrights, trademarks, employment laws, and product regulation – you must know that your business is in compliance with tax laws. ADLI Law Group P.C. is the place to find an outstanding tax lawyer in Los Angeles, as well as in our satellite sites of Taipei, Tokyo, and London and we are here to help. Because we are an international firm, we understand your concerns about working globally, and can help you work toward ensuring full tax compliance.

According to Dr. Dariush Adli, world-renowned expert in international business law, and founder of ADLI Law Group, international tax litigation can be one of the most complex aspects of complying with worldwide business law. It is extremely important to choose the right representatives to examine your paperwork, and help your business file the appropriate forms at the right time. If you do face an unexpected audit or penalty, ADLI Law Group can work with the IRS and other tax organizations to show that you are a business in good standing. Quick responses and working toward compliance creates good will that can help your business continue to grow and thrive.

Contact ADLI Law Group today to speak with an expert tax litigation attorney about your business. With so many branches around the world, including three in California, we are easy to reach when you need help with the IRS or international tax bodies.