Entertainment Representation & Counseling


Creative types and endeavors come with unique issues. These issues require inventive, strategic advice and solutions to effectively (and cost-effectively) manage them, and for the creatives to achieve success — the exact type of unique counsel ADLI Law Group’s entertainment lawyers provide.

Our highly-skilled entertainment transactional lawyers have decades of experience representing clients across all entertainment platforms—TV, film, music, radio, literary, digital, fashion, and related IP. They’ve seen and can handle pretty much anything in these artistic areas.

That’s because they represent clients in all facets of these platforms. This gives them a 10,000-foot view and exceptional understanding of how all the moving parts of entertainment endeavors need to interact for our clients to be successful in them, and how to structure, write, and negotiate those deals accordingly.

Our entertainment clients include: actors; entrepreneurs; social media influencers; film and TV producers; writers; platinum and up-and-coming recording artists, DJs, producers, mixers, songwriters, and composers; personal managers; talent and commercial agencies; all manner of content creators, licensors and licensees; industry executives; publishers; authors; and post houses.

ADLI Law’s entertainment attorneys also have extensive entertainment and related-IP litigation experience in all manner of entertainment and IP issues, including defamation, privacy, copyright, and trademark matters. This experience inside the courtroom, from both the plaintiff’s and defendant’s perspective, as well as inside the boardroom negotiating entertainment deals, provides a unique value to our clients that is rarely seen, even at the so-called “big firms” – it taught our attorneys what can go wrong with deals, and ways to prevent it when drafting and negotiating these contracts. We also have better foresight into how judges and juries view and react to the unique contracts and issues that are necessary and common place to the niche practice of entertainment law.

The services we offer our entertainment clients include handling:

  •  General entertainment advice and counsel
  • Content creation, distribution, and monetization agreements
  • Copyright and trademark protection and enforcement
  • Publicity and privacy rights protection and enforcement
  • Talent branding/endorsement agreements
  • Entertainment entity formation
  • Confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements
  • Management, talent agency, talent, syndication, and option agreements
  • Employment and engagement/independent contractor agreements
  • Licensing and merchandising agreements
  • Book publishing and other literary agreements
  • Entertainment disputes and litigation


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