Effective International Tax Litigation

According to Dr. Dariush Adli, a leading expert in tax law, a growing business needs an effective tax lawyer in Los Angeles or wherever it is based to help it achieve its potential and not be inundated by tax issues. Whether you’re facing residency audits, employment tax audits civil audits, or some other type of tax difficulty, ADLI Law Group P.C.’s diverse team of seasoned legal experts can support you in resolving matters quickly and efficiently.

Our attorneys are well-versed on the subject of international tax litigation and know how to encourage and facilitate cooperation between the subject of the audit and the government – as experience shows that cooperation and compliance can definitely improve the litigation situation and lessen financial exposure. ADLI Law Group’s founder, Dr. Dariush Adli, a top business law attorney, notes that he cannot understate the value of having a litigation attorney on your side, as it may be crucial to the success or failure of a business.

Additionally, employment taxes can be an issue requiring serious consideration. In this area, one of the key issues we address, for example, is whether or not workers in a business can be classified as independent contractors or employees. Certainly, the former generally indicates a lower tax burden for a company, but it is up to the litigation attorney to ensure that workers are correctly classified according to federal and state labor and tax codes – a service that can save your business a great deal of time and expense.

We combine our extensive knowledge of IRS and international tax body procedures and practice with in-house and litigation resources to provide the highest possible level of service to our clients. While a business can generally file for an appeal in most audit situations, this is something generally worth avoiding if possible. But with an ADLI Law Group litigation attorney on your side, your risk of your case necessitating an appeal will go down significantly. While we have a well established reputation for resolving cases with auditors, we are ready to litigate when it is in our client’s best interests. You can contact us today by phone or email to find out more about our incredible legal services and learn more about how we can help your company succeed.