Don’t be Startled by a Trademark Breach

Would McDonald’s look the other way if you used the famed golden arches in your advertising? Little can upset a business owner more than seeing his or her company trademark used by another entity. Company-related logos, shapes, sounds or distinct visuals remind customers of your brand – and unscrupulous practices can direct customers elsewhere. In Los Angeles, trademark attorney services by the ADLI Law Group, P.C. can help protect your trademark rights on product packaging, product configurations, color trademarks, logos, word marks and more.

Your product or company’s respect is earned and is reflected by the power of its trademark. People link the service or product with memories of a visual or sound. It is wrong for another business to benefit from what you worked hard to establish. If you have concerns that your trademark has been infringed upon, whether purposely or unknowingly, seek a legal review. If a clear-cut trademark infringement is evident, a litigation attorney with the ADLI Law Group, P.C. can ensure your rights are preserved and protected.

Unenforced trademarks are ripe targets for further encroachment and exploitation. Allowing such practices to go unchecked can even result in a loss of your trademark rights. The ADLI Law Group, P.C. has global expertise in applying trademark law via cease-and-desist notifications, trademark oppositions, cancellation proceedings, domain name arbitrations, seizures and, if necessary, litigation. You don’t have to let it escalate to filing a lawsuit. Our expert legal counsel can develop your trademark rights and even help monitor them proactively. A greatly respected trademark attorney with international credentials, ADLI Law Group founder and president Dr. Dariush ADLI has assembled some of the nation’s finest intellectual property (IP) attorneys as a team.

Don’t tolerate others using your trademarks for their own benefit. The experts at ADLI Law Group, P.C. can help you with the selection and use of marks, and trademark registrations in the United States and also in at least 150 nations in Europe and Asia. You can depend on us for all matters related to business litigation in Los Angeles.