Defending Your Creative Interests with Incredible Legal Experts

When you’re in the entertainment business, whether you’re a budding songwriter or an experienced producer, it’s important to enlist the services of a professional entertainment lawyer. As many people in the creative industry can tell you, issues with intellectual property law can arise at any time, leaving you with legal issues at the least opportune moment. If you need a Los Angeles trademark attorney on your side, ADLI Law Group P.C. has years of experience with trademarking, as well as patents, copyright acquisition, business, and litigation in the entertainment industry.

ADLI Law Group offers a range of services for those in the field of entertainment, including obtaining a copyright on your creative material, negotiation contracts, distribution and financing agreements, business representation, and counsel in the event of a cease and desist order. When you have a lawyer on your team who can do all of the above, you know you’re covered no matter what situation may come up. As a creative person, you need somebody on your team who will fight for your business interests while you concentrate on your art.

ADLI Law Group has locations in Los Angeles, London, Tokyo, and Taipei, so you interests can be covered in many major cities. As the best patent attorney Los Angeles has to offer, our lawyers can negotiate your business deals and handle intellectual property disputes with the professionalism and dedication that you deserve. To learn more about our services and how to get started, contact our offices today to set up a consultation.