Defend Against Unlawful Reproduction of Your Work

For many, creativity is a hobby – painting a beautiful picture or writing a poem or short story, even making a simple invention, can be very rewarding all on their own. However, many creative businesspeople use these skills for a living, which means they need help protecting their work through copyright, trademark, and patent litigation. Whether you need help copyrighting a design or asserting your ownership of an idea, the ADLI Law Group can help. Dr. Dariush Adli, a world-renowned patent litigator and legal analyst, and copyright attorney, started with a doctorate in Solid State Physics, so he has worked both as a designer who needed copyright help, and as a copyright advisor and attorney helping designers protect their work. According to Dr. Adli, this is one of the most challenging areas of the law, and he should know.

Indeed, as one of the leading trademark lawyers and litigation attorneys in the U.S., Dr. Adli’s education and experience have led him to focus on technology patents, such as electronics, computers, Internet, software, and telecommunications. His team offers legal expertise in other fields as well, including construction, real estate, business, labor and employment law, transactions and advocacy for intellectual property, and more. Patent protection not only involves individuals, but businesses working together to develop new and better technology as the market demands. However, it is important for individuals to assert rights to their intellectual property, and the ADLI Law Group gladly helps these creators protect their work from theft or piracy.

Contact us today if you need a copyright lawyer or have questions about filing a patent or protecting your patent, trademark, trade secret or other intellectual property. Our team has experience not just in Los Angeles, but at our satellite offices all over the world, so we can help protect your concepts and designs from unlawful reproduction or outright theft in the U.S. and globally.