Defeating the Cease and Desist Letter

When your business is just beginning to find its footing, there’s nothing worse than receiving a cease and desist letter directed at one of your products, services or projects. You did the research, filed the necessary paperwork, but still, rival and competitor companies will try to take advantage of your up-and-coming status in an attempt to get ahead. Rather than being pushed around, enlist the help of ADLI Law Group, P.C., the business litigation experts.

The absolute worst thing that you can possibly do when you receive a cease and desist letter is to ignore it. The second worst thing you can do is to think that you can handle it yourself. These issues are often complicated and require careful legal examination and analysis, and if you are on the losing end of a dispute, that can be a death-blow for a young and developing business. Even for major, established corporations, losing a copyright dispute can be highly costly and make shareholders very dissatisfied with company leadership. But, with expert copyright litigation in Los Angeles from ADLI Law Group, P.C., your business won’t have to worry about those negative consequences.

Dr. Dariush Adli, the President of ADLI Law Group, P.C., is the business attorney Los Angeles trusts. Not only is he an experienced lawyer, but he is a studied engineer and physicist who can understand and identify often unseen minutia in products. He brings rare expertise to the table, supplemented by a talented team of attorneys with a variety of other intellectual property related specialties. Whatever topic your recently received cease and desist letter may cover, at least one of the experts at ADLI Law Group, P.C. is ready to handle it.