At ADLI Law Group, we try to make the litigation services that we offer, affordable. The numbers listed below are estimates of what the legal fees and attorney fees would like in the following instances. These numbers are averages of what similar cases cost but are subject to change depending on your case and the circumstances of your personal instance. For a consultation on your case, call our office and set up an appointment with a member of our team.

Initiating Litigation

(Our typical litigation retainer ranges from $5,000-$20,000 depending on the status of the matter, ‘the issues’ and the anticipated defense).
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Basic U.S. Trademark Search

(Includes all fees for the search and a legal memorandum by a trademark attorney. In a Basic Search we spend about an hour searching for similar trademarks and then report the results to you in a two page memo).

Comprehensive U.S. Trademark Search

(Includes our professional fees for review of the comprehensive search report and a 5-page Opinion Letter which summarizes the search results and suggests next steps. This is the search performed by Fortune 500 companies and is the most effective means of clearing trademark rights. It is often referred to as doing your “due diligence.” The price includes our vendor’s fee for the search report).

U.S. International Trademark Applications

(Includes professional fees to prepare and file the Application and basic follow up through registration, including basic communication with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office if necessary after filing’ status updates’ and forwarding of the registration certificate if received. Additional fees apply for Responses to Office Actions if necessary and for handling Notices of Allowance for Intent to Use applications).

U.S. or International Patent Applications

(Flat fees include professional fees to prepare and file the Application and professional drawings: Design Application $1,500; Mechanical invention $5,950; Electrical’ Business Method’ or Software $6,950; Biotech, Chemical and complex inventions $8,450).
(Expect government filing and registration fees of an additional $660 for design patents or $1,300 for the others. Turnaround time is usually 3-4 weeks).

U.S. Patent Search

(Includes our professional fees and our vendor’s fee. A patent search is always recommended, but is not required and may not be completely effective to clear patent rights).

U.S. Copyright Application

(Includes the government filing fee, our professional fees to prepare and file the Application, status updates, and forwarding of the registration certificate if received).

Responses to Office Actions

(Professional fees vary depending upon the complexity of the issues).

Patent Non-Infringement Opinion

(Professional non-infringement Opinion Letter on a specific patent).

Cease & Desist Letter

(Professional fees to research the issues and prepare and FedEx a cease and desist letter or research and prepare a response to a cease and desist letter).

Business Formations

(Includes Articles of Incorporation, Standard Entity Kit and EIN).
C Corp = $1,500
LLC = $1,750
LLP = $1,800
Hourly Rates apply for Bylaws, Operating Agreements, Employment Agreements, etc.

Cyber Infringement

DCM Complaint with Domain Owner $500
DCM Complaint with Google $2,500