Having access to and enjoying art is essential to human well-being and happiness. Those with the desire and skills to create art of all kinds need to be encouraged and supported.


The framers of the United States Constitution thought protecting creative works was important enough to include language specifically granting exclusive ownership and control in creative works to those who create them.


If the Founding Fathers thought it was important enough to “promote the progress of science and useful arts” by offering protection for them, shouldn’t you?


ADLI’s copyright lawyers have the experience, knowledge, and skill to effectively protect your copyrights and their potentially tremendous value, and to enforce that protection when those rights are threatened.


If you’re involved in the creation of any type of art, be it choreography, music, photography, paintings, architecture, computer code, writing, filming, or any other type of creative endeavors, we can help you protect, promote, and monetize them.


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