Construction Attorneys with a Global Focus

When construction begins on a new building, everyone from the construction company to the architects to the building’s managers do their best to ensure that the building goes up in a timely, effective, and safe manner. Unfortunately, sometimes there are labor issues, contract disputes, delays, or other legal issues that require litigation. According to Dr. Dariush Adli, founder and President of the highly touted ADLI Law Group, with a thriving practice in construction law, the most important reason for hiring an attorney to deal with these matters is to lead all parties toward an amicable, and reasonable, outcome. If you need a Glendale construction lawyer to help with Southern California construction issues, look no further than the ADLI Law Group, P.C..

ADLI Law Group’s extensive legal team offers years of professional experience working with complex construction cases. With an expanding global economy, more buildings than ever must be constructed to house new offices and homes for workers. ADLI Law Group offers construction lawyers in Los Angeles, but also at offices in Dallas, Texas as well as internationally. We are able to handle cases based throughout the United States and also around the world through our locations in Tokyo, Taipei, and London.

Dr. Adli earned a degree as an engineer and engineering consultant prior to becoming an attorney working on patent and trademark cases. His firm is able to cover all types of construction cases, but also the full spectrum of business law. With many of Southern California’s most skilled, construction, family, and intellectual property/copyright lawyer available for consultation, ADLI Law Group has the expertise to advise and litigate on the full range of business law cases and issues.