Common Issues in Transactional Business Law Cases

Transactional business law is the body of law that governs all transactions between businesses and other parties. There are many issues that can arise from transactions and experienced California business attorneys can assist businesses in preventing and handling these issues.

Applying Transactional Business Law

There are many scenarios where transactional business law applies:

  • The initial establishing of the business structure;
  • Drafting employment contracts and agreements;
  • Preparation of by-laws, minutes and resolutions;
  • Business mergers and acquisitions;
  • Purchase and sale of business property; and 
  • Restructuring agreements.

This list is only a sample of the many business concerns affected by transactional business law. Even when properly executed, many of these matters are still not completely safe from being considered in a lawsuit or future legal action.California business attorneys with a good knowledge in transactional business law will be able to guide you through the appropriate contracts and agreements to help avoid future litigation.

Transactional Business Law During Operation

Even after your business is formed and operational, transactional business law continues to apply. As a business owner, you face numerous events that could result in a lawsuit against your company such as:

  • Partnership issues;
  • Breach of contract or warranty;
  • Employment violations;
  • Fraud and unfair competition claims; and 
  • Intellectual property issues.

Transactional business law also applies to issues such as:

  • Contract formation and management;
  • Legal review and compliance;
  • Audits and investigations;
  • Day-to-day operations;
  • Joint ventures;
  • Corporate governance scheme; and
  • Owner/manager meetings and actions.

Many of these events and issues can be dealt with by utilizing California business attorneys with experience and knowledge in business law. They can assist in resolving conflicts and also analyze current business structure to help prevent future issues.

Hiring a California Business Attorney

With so much of your time, money and effort invested in the formation and operation of your business, you cannot afford to neglect issues that may arise in regards to transactional business law. The experienced California business attorneys at the ADLI Law Group P.C. are experienced in assisting all structures of businesses.

Our firm is equipped to assist you with establishing your business and protecting it for the future. With clients across Los Angeles County and around the globe in China, Taiwan and Japan, we’ve helped hundreds of business owners get started in their venture and continue to thrive with less fear of lawsuits and bad contracts. Contact us today for experienced help with securing your business – 800-817-2949.