Can I register my trademark internationally?

Thanks to the Madrid Protocol in effect since 2003, international businesses are now able to easily secure trademark registration in approximately 75 countries with a single application. California trademark attorneys that are well versed in international trademark applications can help guide you through the process.

Benefits of Registering an International Trademark

Businesses can enjoy less hassle with the single application for an international trademark, and reduced costs with fewer fees for countries covered by the Madrid Protocol. There are also fewer conflicts with language and currency, thanks to the business being allowed to begin registering an international trademark in their own language and currency.

A single international trademark registration under the Madrid Protocol will have a single registration number valid in all approved countries and a single renewal date (every 10 years). Having the entire application contained to one system also allows for changes such as update of address or new ownership to be easily made and updated in all applicable countries.

Registering an International Trademark

If your business operates in multiple countries, you will want to protect your trademark not only in the U.S. with the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office (USPTO), but also internationally with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Registering an international trademark begins with registering with the USTPO first.

Once you are approved by the USPTO and your trademark is recognized in the U.S., you can now begin registering an international trademark with the WIPO. There is a good amount of paperwork, fees, and deadlines involved when applying for trademark registrations and you may find it helpful to have a California trademark attorney review your application.

After Submitting Your Registration

Once the WIPO is aware you are registering an international trademark they will submit the application to the countries under the Madrid Protocol. You may choose to submit to all participating countries, or only specific ones as noted on your application. The protection offered by the WIPO is not a blanket worldwide protection; rather it is overseen by the individual countries in which that trademark is registered.

Each country that the application is submitted to has the right to review, consider and ultimately approve or deny the registering of the international trademark. If there is an issue, the country will contact the WIPO to communicate to the applicant, who may then take legal action.

If you are having difficulty getting your international trademark application approved by one or more countries, you should seek the assistance of a California trademark attorney who can help you through this process.

Working with California Trademark Attorneys

The California trademark attorneys at the ADLI Law Group P.C. are not only experienced with businesses across Los Angeles County, but also internationally. Many of our clients are located in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East and our experienced attorneys are fluent in English, Mandarin Chinese and Farsi. Contact us today for experienced help with protecting your trademarks – 213-223-2365.